Keep Your Dog Busy And Entertained By Stuffing A Kong Toy

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Are you looking for a simple way to keep your dog busy while you’re away with minimal effort? If so, stuffing a Kong dog toy with healthy treats and giving it to him to play with is your best bet. Most dogs love a challenge; they love to work for their food, so I’m certain yours will also like this idea.

With a stuffed Kong, your dog has to use his natural scavenging ability to get the food out of the toy and this takes some time. This not only keeps him busy and entertained but also gives him the much needed mental stimulation.

Other Benefits Of Stuffing A Kong Toy

Stuffing a Kong also provides several other benefits to you and your dog which include:

· It gives your dog something to do, which keeps him occupied and entertained while you do house chores or go to work.

· It provides a better way to use your healthy leftovers instead of throwing them away.

· It helps to slow down your dog, especially if he’s a fast eater.

The best part about Kong stuffing is that you don’t have to purchase any expensive treat to stuff inside there. There are lots of healthy snacks, treats and leftovers in your kitchen that you can use instead. In addition, the mixing and matching of different foods is also fun.

For instance, if you have some leftovers of green beans and frozen broth, you can mix them up in the Kong to come up with a delicious treat for your pet. How about some carrots and peanut butter together? I know both combos might sound weird to you, but I’m sure your dog will love either of them. It’s way much better than the poop or used tissues that dogs love eating. Feel free to improvise different healthy treats for your dog by mixing and matching his favorite foods.

The Basics Of Stuffing A Kong Toy

It’s worth noting that all the extra calories from different foods you stuff in a Kong can add up quickly, leading to weight gain. It’s therefore recommended that you don’t fill up the toy to the top if you’re using high-calorie treats. In addition, if your pet has never used a Kong toy before, you should start by stuffing only a few, simple ingredients.

Encourage him to play with the toy often. Sooner or later, he’ll start moving it around to try to figure out how to get the treats out. When he does that, praise him like crazy. Once he can get treats out easily, you can make things more challenging for him by freezing the ingredients, or using larger chunks of treats that take longer to take out.

In case you want to freeze the ingredients, it’s very important that you choose a good base that is good for freezing. Consider using peanut butter, yogurt and beef/chicken broth. Generally, you should put the base first before adding other food items of your choice.

Examples Of Healthy Foods To Stuff In A Kong Toy

If you have no idea what to stuff in your dog’s Kong, you can try these healthy options – apples, broccoli, cantaloupe, berries, cucumber, carrots, celery, eggs, green beans, cauliflower, canned pumpkin, salmon, cooked rice, oranges, kale, pineapple, peanut butter, peas, baby food, sweet potato, steak, watermelon and spinach

Once you stuff in different foods of your choice, mix them up and freeze them for a couple of hours. The resultant interactive toy will surely give your dog some real work to do.

All in all, stuffing a Kong is the way to go if you want to keep your dog out if trouble while you’re away. Everything you need is right inside your kitchen, so there’s no excuse for not trying this out.